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Seo Companies in Germany

Conquer the European Online Market by Reaching 65 Million German Speaking Users

Are you planning to introduce your services or products to the European customers? Germany is the Internet’s top country in Europe and 6.1% of all web searches are performed in German.

With 63.8% of population using the Internet, Germany has one of the highest market penetration rates in the world. Marketing toward this massive population gives you an excellent potential to increase your ROI!

Why Optimize Your Website in German

  • Reach not only users in Germany, but also those located in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Lichtenstein and Luxemburg among other countries.
  • Target 65 million online users that speak German.*
  • Take advantage of the growing market potential – the number of German speaking Internet users has grown by 135% in the last eight years (2000-2008)*

*Data source:

What You Receive With Our German SEO

  • Linguistic Keyword Research – Prior to defining your SEO strategy, we will conduct a thorough research to identify keywords that best fit your target audience.
  • Visibility – We ensure high rankings across numerous different German search engines including Google Germany, Alta Vista and Freenet.
  • German native speakers only – We guarantee high-quality copy-writing services in German tailored to your target audience.
  • German site management, maintenance and QA – After implementing the German SEO strategy, we continuously monitor your rankings and improve results by adjusting keywords to your competition and trends on the market.
  • Outstanding customer service – We aim to bring you the best possible results that are customized to your business and objectives. Find out how we’ve assisted our clients.
  • Cost-effective solution – We offer custom-made solutions to help you receive high visibility in organic search results.
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